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If you enjoy learning about Fashion Week and the Fashion Industry, we think you may enjoy the following links:

Fashion Industry Network : The Fashion Industry Network is a business network for members of the fashion industry.  The site contains a Fashion Event Planner Group and other helpful resources to designers, fashion photographers, fashion models, and fashion week organizers.


Fashion Industry Calendar : the fashion industry calendar is a place to view or post fashion events.  You can find fashion week events, runway show dates, fashion show information, event news, etc.


Fashion Week : This is the fashion week directory on Apparel Search.  Apparel Search is a guide to the fashion industry.  This fashion site contains news about fashion events such as fashion week as well as other information helpful to fashion week planners and fashion designers.  The site also have a large directory of fashion designers if you are an events planner searching for designers to attend and display their collections.


Fashion Week Photos : The fashion week photos website contains fashion photos from various fashion week events.  If you are a fashion designers with images from a previous show or an event organizer, or photographer, you are welcome to submit your images for publication.


Fashion Week Videos : The fashion week videos website contains fashion videos from various fashion week events.  If you are a fashion designers with video from a previous show or you are an event organizer, or videographer, you are welcome to submit your fashion week videos for publication.


Fashion Week News : One of the best ways to learn about fashion week (if you can not attend them all yourself, is to read about the international events.  A great place to start your research is by reading fashion magazines and fashion newspapers.  In the Fashion Week News section, you will find fashion news from various resources.


Fashioninsta Fashion Week Group : The Fashionista Fashion Week is a fashion week event being planned by Apparel1 at the Fashion Industry Network.    Technically, trade marked by the Apparel Search Company.  The Fashionista Fashion Week Group is a group of people from the Fashion Industry that wish to work together to arrange a special fashion week.  The goal of the group is, "Create a fashion week that is NOT about sponsors, not about a particular city, and not about corporate egos... The idea is to create an event that brings the fashion world back to basics. A method for "DESIGNERS" to shine. I am not talking about designers that already have reached fame and fortune. The Fashionista Fashion Week would be for the designers that are yet to be discovered. The goal is to offer entrepreneurial fashion designers a stage so that they can strut their stuff... In theory, members of the Fashion Industry Network can work together to organize a fashion week. The fashion event would not only be for the members, but it would be organized by the members. The concept would be for us all to donate our resources (mostly time and energy), to put on a mutually beneficial event. The Fashion Industry Network, has event organizers, designers, stylists, models photographers, etc. "


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